Friday, June 16, 2006

7 Weeks

I hope I don't turn my whole blog into a big ol' pregnancy journal. Sorry if I do. The evening of and the evening after my ultrasound, I had quite a bit of spotting. I was so afraid I was losing the baby, but after a few days it stopped. It is interesting to admit that I'm actually thankful for the pregnancy symptoms that have set in since then. I'm having some nausea. It comes and goes and isn't anything like what I had with Caris. Thank God. I'm extremely tired, and though I'll take that over severe nausea any day, it is disheartening that it feels like 11 pm all day long. Hopefully I'll have more energy with the second trimester!

We just finished up a 2-week session of swim lessons. It was to be Caris' first swim lessons in a "big girl" class, but she was kicked out by the young, inexperienced manager 10 minutes into the second day. I was more than annoyed. Malachi and Graham both performed really well and passed all of their classes.

Baseball season is in full swing (sorry for the groan-worthy pun). I am really enjoying it this year, except for the one night I almost threw up at the field. NOT good. Know what soothed the nausea? NACHOS. HA!

Only a few days until Megan & Jason arrive in town really soon! I CAN'T WAAAAAAAIT!


  1. Nachos! now why in the world didn't i think of those 24 years ago??? when i was sick, this is what soothed me - ha - for about five seconds -- taco bell bean and cheese burritos (hold the onions and sauce), mcd's french fries and cheeseburgers, and p & j (this one was much sweeter when it came back had to think of that, you know)

  2. Hi! Came over here from Crunchy Christian Moms blog...just read your post about you finding out about the pregnancy! WOW! God is good - I'm so happy for you...that everything was fine and you were able to see your itty bitty baby via ultrasound to give you peace of mind. May God bless you & keep you & your baby healthy in the coming months!