Thursday, December 28, 2006

House update

I'm not sure what I last updated on the house, but it sure has come along! Alif tore out two closets to make the living room way bigger, took out an entire wall to open up the kitchen, made the hall and kitchen entrances a little different with 45 angles on the upper corners, installed a soffit and recessed lighting in the living and dining rooms . . . hired a crew to do all the mudding and texturing. Then he took two days and prepped the bedrooms, hallway, living and dining for painting. Today he sprayed all of it! I haven't seen the living, dining or hallway done yet but he did the ceilings white, bedrooms off-white, and living, dining and hallway will all be taupe except the soffit will be a darker taupe. All of the trim is white. How great to have all of that done before we move in! He'll do some outside work (at someone else's house) for the next two days, and then it's on to the floors! Once the floors are done we can start moving things over, though he'll spend a couple of days putting up ceiling fans, base and crown moulding and finishing up details like switch plates etc. It's sure a lot of work but boy does this make me so thankful for my super-talented husband! Our goal is to be in by the 15th. Please baby boy, do not make an early appearance!! If ever there was a time to go a little overdue (a week would be perfect LOL) this is it!

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  1. That's very exciting Emily!! I'm so happy for you. A new house and new baby boy, that's great!!