Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just blame Chandra and Alison

So everyone's right: once we tried lapbooking we were HOOKED! If you're not aware, lapbooking is kind of like scrapbooking and schoolwork all rolled into one. The basic idea is to alter a file folder and fill it with all kinds of pictures, mini-booklets and things and turn it into a really cool project all around a theme. Our first lapbooks (one per child) are on Valentine's Day. I'll upload pictures (those pics up top are just random pics from Google) once I can get my camera, usb cable and computer to play nice but until then, if you're intrigued then check out these links:

I told Chandra I was overwhelmed by lapbooking and she said to just jump in. She's right! Here's a link to her blog:

Alison has mentioned lapbooking in the past and turned me on to where one can purchase all sorts of ready-to-go lapbooking packs. Here's her blog:

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  1. Very cool, I am going to try this!!!