Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch - and WINNERS!

First of all, winners of the hamster giveaway! Sadie and An Encourager are the big winners!! E-mail me at and I'll get your furry pets in your hot little hands!

And in other excitement, today a group of friends and I took our kids out to a local produce farm. They go all out decorating for harvest time and it's darling and fun! I love October fun that doesn't include witches and skeletons and other creepy things. Well, the farm did have one mummy and a few spiders, but we can handle that. LOL

Before we went exploring I took a few pictures of the kids with fall props . . .
Then our amazing tour guide took us on a leisurely tour of the farm! He was hilarious! He got the kids so riled up that even the quietest in our bunch were shouting gleeful answers to his questions. "Are you ready to find a PUMPKIIIN???" "YES!!!!!" "Parents! Are you feeling like CHILDREN again???" "Yippeeeee!"

First we went on a hay ride through the orchards. Bumpy fun! We chose our perfect pumpkins from the patch, dodging busy bees, then we headed over to the petting zoo. There were pot-bellied pigs, turkey-ducks (ew!), goats, sheep, peacocks - and Caris' favorite, the chickens. She caught one and it held very still while she cuddled it.

Such a fun day with good friends, delicious organic fruit to take home and of course, pictures to share!


  1. Congratulations to your winners! I found those toys in the shops here the other day... re-packaged as guinea-pigs for us Aussies :)

    That looks like so much fun. I love it when the tour guide people are actually enjoying themselves too, it makes the whole experience more fun.

  2. Cartwheels! Clapping! Clumping my thanks and hoorays together, to form a bouquet -- and throwing them to you...catch! I won!!!!!!!!!!!! More cartwheels, clapping, clumping....! Your pictures and story make me want to go to the pumpkin patch!

  3. I love cuddly chickens like that! Adorable pictures. :)

  4. What a FUN pumpkin patch day! Did Caris lose another tooth??