Sunday, January 01, 2012

January 2012 menu

I finally buckled down and made a one-month menu. I've wanted to do this for a long time, as I'm often late with grocery shopping just because it takes time to make the menu and shopping list. This way I can do the bulk of our shopping 2 weeks at a time and just have a quick trip in between for produce, milk, etc.

I simplified big-time with this menu. We like a lot of variety, so usually we don't repeat too many breakfasts or lunches and definitely not dinners. I decided to make a weekly standing menu for breakfast and lunch and just keep it easy. There are a few variations to keep it interesting, but it's the same idea each week. I'd love to improve on this by focusing more on nutrition, but just having this planned out (and thus avoiding fast food!) will help a ton. Also, breakfasts & lunches will have fruits & veggies added in - like oatmeal days there will always be a stir-in like apples, peaches, raisins . . . you get the idea. So here goes!

1 b-s'mores (hey, just keepin' it real)
l-soup & cheesy garlic bread
d-fil's birthday (eating at their house)

2 b-bean omelet
d-"chik-fil-a" nuggets (made at home); sweet potatoes

3 b-oatmeal
d-roast; swedish baked potatoes

4 b-yogurt, muffin, fruit
l-turkey sandwich
d-croissant poppers; salad

5 b-cereal
l-snack lunch (this will be a bento-style or muffin tin lunch)
d-chicken spaghetti; green beans

6 b-breakfast burrito
l-english muffin pizzas
d-chicken salad; breadsticks

7 b-pancakes (usually will make a clean-eating high-protein type with various grains)
d-asian salmon; rice; salad

8 b-smoothie
d-turkey burgers; fries

9 b-egg scramble
d-pork chops; homemade applesauce; cauliflower

10 b-cream of wheat
l-taco salad
d-chicken stacks; rice pilaf

11 b-yogurt, muffin, fruit
l-tuna sandwich

12 b-cereal
l-snack lunch
d-zuppa toscana

13 b-breakfast burrito
d-meatloaf; mashed potatoes; carrots

14 b-pancakes
d-baked penne w/sausage

15 b-smoothie
d-tuna casserole; broccoli

16 b-omelet
d-quesadilla w/turkey; oven roasted veg

17 b-grits
l-tortilla soup
d-chicken stir-fry; black beans & rice

18 b-yogurt, muffin, fruit
l-ham sandwich
d-shepherd's pie

19 b-cereal
l-snack lunch
d-split pea soup; tortillas

20 b-breakfast burrito
l-bagel pizzas
d-trader's pizza

21 b-pancakes
d-vegetarian chili; cornbread

22 b-smoothie

23 b-egg scramble
d-white chicken chili

24 b-oatmeal
d-lasagna; garlic bread; salad

25 b-yogurt, muffin, fruit
l-salami sandwich
d-chicken pot pie

26 b-cereal
l-snack lunch
d-roasted red pepper soup (TJs); cheesy garlic bread

27 b-breakfast burrito
l-english muffin pizzas
d-quiche; salad

28 b-pancakes
d-caprese grilled cheese

29 b-smoothie
d-breakfast for dinner: egg sandwiches; bacon; fruit

30 b-omelet
d-sandwich on bread roll

31 b-cream of wheat
l-taco salad
d-spicy honey chicken; quinoa


  1. Michele Alaniz2:16 PM

    Looks great Emily. I love the Zuppa Toscana and the Traders pizza. Yum! Great job!

  2. First, I love that right off the bat you're having S'mores for breakfast! LOL Awesome!

    Second, I need a few recipes. These sound good. Please share when you have time:
    swedish baked potatoes
    croissant poppers
    chicken stacks
    caprese grilled cheese

    And third, you are doing great! My kids would feel like they lived in a fancy castle at your house! ha ha! They get very little variation for breakfasts & lunches. Supper is our only meal that changes much.

  3. I shop about every week and a half to 2 weeks. I love a planned menu. :)