Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shape Up

Ten plus years ago I took this great class at the local community college called Shape Up. At the time, I was IN great shape but it was a great way to get 3 extra units and also to exercise right there at school, since I was there anyway for my other classes. I took the class again right when I started working full time, and I think I might have dropped it due to some major asthma flare-up I was having. Anyway, fast-forward numerous years and I'm taking the same class now, as a full-fledged grown-up! It starts at 6am. IT STARTS AT 6 AM. OMGosh! I've gone 3 times now (the first time I went though, it was a holiday and so there was no class)! One whole week! HA HA! I am proud of myself!


  1. Emily that is AWESOME! I took the class and for sure dropped you're not the only one way back then. Man I don't know how you do ut...5.30am- late at night, homeschooling, making meals, being a wife. I am IMPRESSED to say the least! Thanks for your comment about I was totally getting bummed about it the other. Britany didn't get to see one of her neices until she was over a year. AHHHH!

  2. Shoot LOL I called her Ave- I promise I know her NAME at least. AVA! hahaha