Monday, January 02, 2006

How cute!

Caris was the first one up this morning. She woke me up from a dead sleep when she got in bed with me to nurse. I was having a funny dream that she and her friend Meadow were misbehaving at a soccer game and I was feeling embarrassed until Meadow's Mom Laura joined in their toddler fun. LOL! Anyway, I was checking my message boards just now and looked over and saw that the dining room table has guests! At the head of the table is Grandpa Maroney's dalmation puppy. Then closest to me, Bitty Baby occupies one chair and Graham's little light brown beanie baby-type pony is on the chair opposite Bitty Baby. How cute, picturing Caris coming through here early with her arms full, giving them each a spot at the table! :*)

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