Sunday, May 28, 2006

Caris' Clifford Party

Caris had such a nice party! She had chosen a Clifford theme months ago, but when I went to buy party supplies on Thursday, no one in town carried Clifford! Shoot - we went with red instead, and got yellow, red & purple balloons, black confetti, and I had ribbon with pawprints on it. Lynette let me borrow some Clifford books to set around also. It was cute. She came over early to help me set up and did an excellent job frosting the pawprint cake and all the extra cupcakes. THANKS LYNETTE! We had a smaller party this year and it really was nice. It was a big enough crowd to feel festive, but not so big as to be overwhelming. We ate Subway sandwiches and chips and drank soda. Simple as can be. After lunch it was present time! I set Caris in a lawn chair and uh-oh, it tipped over and she landed on her face! She bled a lot but it turned out to be a tiny little cut in her lip. It's swollen today but thank God it wasn't worse. She received so many nice gifts! We have such generous family and friends. Our gift to her was a bike - oh, and Graham chose one of those ponies-on-a-stick for her. How cute! After presents we brought out the adorable bone-shaped sugar cookies Mom made (many compliments to my Mom on those, of course!) and the cake/cupcakes. We couldn't get the candle to stay lit because it was such a breezy day, but it stayed *almost* lit until time for her to blow it out. I don't think she was the wiser. LOL Graham was pretty concerned that she didn't get to actually blow her candle. After that the kids played, I handed out goodie bags (cellophane bags with pawprints on them with kool-aid playdough and bubbles inside, tied with the pawprint ribbon) and we all just visited for a bit longer. Morning parties are a hassle because of not having the whole day to get ready for them, but the relaxing afternoon after the party is so worth it. We napped and hung out and then went to Fred & Juanita's for dinner. Really all in all a wonderful day!

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