Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

What an absolutely perfect Mother's Day! We got up and walked to Fred & Juanita's as a family for breakfast, then walked home and tidied up a bit, then put kids down for naps. I laid down as well, then showered and Mom & Rod came over. Mom loved her bracelet and she got me the Betty Crocker Cooky Book and a Cuisinart electric tea kettle! Mom used that Cooky Book all while we were growing up, and like Alif said, "Your Mom sure knows her cookies!" That book will be a treasure to me and to my family!! The second I saw the tea kettle I burst into tears. When we were visiting Megan and Jason, Megan told us about her electric tea kettle and how essential it is. Actually, she said, "I can't imagine not having it!" I've been wanting a tea kettle for some time, and this was just perfect timing and the perfect one!!


  1. hooray for perfect gifts! i have my sisters cooky book that my dearest grandma gave her back in the day. it's old and spattered with years of experimenting, and it's a neat momento of childhood! some of the splatters are from the day i made green cookies! gotta love that food dye!!

  2. Oh wooooooow Emiles! I LOVE that she got you that kettle! I can't wait to see it- have you used it a ton already? And the Cooky bok, that is awesome! I still have not ventured out and made any from it- Mom's cookies are always hard to compare to. Maybe we can try together when I'm there. = )