Thursday, October 18, 2007

God made gourds

On our way to soccer practice after the pumpkin patch today, Canaan was really sleepy and sweet Malachi let him hold one of the gourds he'd purchased. After a while Malachi said, "He's falling asleep sucking on that gourd, Mommy." I was like, "aww, take a picture!" I pictured him sucking on a rounded yellow end of the gourd and thought, how cute!

So imagine my surprise when I pried the gourd from him when we got to soccer practice and saw THIS! ROFL!!
I LOL so hard and just had to try to get him to latch . . .
He was all too happy to do so! LOL!


  1. OH MY GOSH. LOLLOLLOL. that is sooo funny

  2. ahwww ADORABLE and SO FUNNY,you write so well,and I LOVE your blog!

  3. ROFL!! I wasn't expecting that outcome! That's hilarious!!!