Friday, October 26, 2007

When I grow up I want to be like my son

Malachi has always had a strong spiritual sense. He has loved the Lord from the beginning and has always craved more of Him. Well, he's 9 now and taking off in his reading and every night he asks if he can read to me. He reads the Bible to me! I don't know anyone who has a hunger for the Word like my little son does. He memorizes it, talks about it, reads it on his own and with me and even prays it. I am praying that God will give me a desire to know the Word the way my son wants to!

And totally off topic: Caris has a hernia! OMGosh! I noticed a squishy lump in her groin area at least a year ago. I mentioned it to her pediatrician. She took a look at it and didn't see anything. I'd always trusted her very much, and she's a very thorough, conservative doctor so my mind was mostly at ease. Every so often I'd see that little soft lump and wonder what it was. Well, yesterday I read a post on a message board. This Mom was talking about how her daughter's surgery had gone that day. Her daughter is Caris' age. She said something about the scar in her groin area and something about a hernia and it made me wonder how she knew her daughter had a hernia. I looked back through the archives and her original post said that she noticed a soft squishy spot in her daughter's right groin. Just like Caris, I thought. I looked it up online and Inguinal Hernia sounded exactly like what I have seen on Caris. I called the doctor's office (they go to the family doctor I have seen for years now that we left the old pediatrician's office) and they made an appointment for her to be seen today. This practitioner saw it right away and gave me a referral to a surgeon. We'll see him on 11/13, though I am wondering if our doctor's office could get us in with him any sooner than that. I am praying that Caris is either healed or that this is easy to fix and never comes back!

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  1. OH Emiles- that is so neat about Malachi. God's hand is so evident in each of your kids. It's so neat to watch all that you've sowed in them comin on out.