Monday, November 26, 2007

Silver and Staples

I love when I enter a home that is lovingly, carefully decorated, especially when you can tell that it's happened over time and each piece has been chosen because it struck someone's eye and they had to have it. I do not feel this way about my own home yet. Especially around holidays, I tend to beat myself up for not spending more time and money to make my home into a holiday happiness that my family and friends can enjoy. I was feeling that way before Thanksgiving this year. We were having my Mom over and I felt like the house was bare, that I didn't have any special decorations planned, no beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece, etc. I determined that next year it would be different. Then I went down to the garage for something and what did my eyes behold? A utensil tray full of dirt - AND SILVER! There was a full set of beautiful, tarnished silverware - even serving pieces! I brought it upstairs and admired it. Mom brought over some silver polish and Malachi set to work. He made every piece gleam, and it was gorgeous. Thank you Lord for such a gift!

On Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving at Tony & Rabae's house. Now SHE had a gorgeous Thanksgiving setup! But anyway, right around 1:00 Caris fell backwards from a tug of war game and hit the back of her head on their granite hearth. Alif scooped her up and was getting some ice when I saw that there was blood down the back of her shirt. Thankfully, Tony's brother Nick was there. He is an EMT and really helped out. He said it probably needed a staple, so Canaan & Caris & I took off for urgent care. The doctor agreed, probably a staple or two. A nurse cleaned it all up (was THAT hard to watch!! but Caris laid still and quiet the whole time!) and when the doctor came back in she said it was bigger than she thought. It ended up with three staples. Watching her do that was one of the hardest things ever as a Mom. Caris was so brave, lying still and crying softly into the table. I feel like I let the doctor do something barbaric to my little girl, but what else could be done? Her scalp was gaping open and had to be fixed. It certainly could have been a lot worse, but watching her have to have staples in her head was no fun. She's healing up wonderfully and we even got to wash her hair today.


  1. Oh Emily I'm so sorry. That must have been hard for you. I'm glad that she is alright now.

    As for your home, don't stress about it. I think decorating comes with time. You can't buy everything all at once. You acquire things, and then each thing has a story behind it, making it even more special. : )

  2. oh how scary!
    you should post apicture of that beautiful silver!

  3. How scary! What a brave little girl! My friend has a beautiful tree and decorations. Every year her and her kids hand make somethings. A few years ago it was stockings, then ornaments, then napkin ring holders and laminated placemats woven from construction paper. They may not seem beautiful to everyone, but they have more meaning than you can imagine.