Thursday, November 01, 2007

Malachi, the white Ninja (no, the colors don't mean anything, they're just generic ninja costumes)
Graham, the red Ninja (or ninya, however you prefer LOL) ;-)
Caris, the big green Dragon - my little princess ROFL
Canaan's 1st Halloween, wearing the same Pooh costume his big brothers wore
Pooh didn't make it very long. We took him to one house trick-or-treating, fed him some carrots out of the split pea soup and then he was pretty much ready for bed. Don't worry, he didn't sleep in his costume. LOL


  1. CUTE! I love the picture of Pooh nursing. I wish I had gotten a picture of me nursing Piglet LOL!

  2. ADORABLE!!! I love their costumes!

  3. So cute!! Looks like a good Halloween. I have some pics up on my myspace page.

  4. Love the pictures, it is weird that I did not see your kids in person this Halloween, lets not let that happen again!!! =)