Saturday, July 11, 2009

Romancing the 70s

I'm up - gosh, I almost said late, but it's actually only 9:39pm. Call me an old lady, eh? ANYway, Alif's out playing soccer and I'm up alone, and because we do not have cable and there is nothing on and also because I'm too lazy to SEE if anything at ALL is on, there's a paid program on that's advertising 70s music. It is corny beyond belief.

But all of a sudden, in the middle of "stuck on you . . . got this feelin' down deep in my soul . . . " my eyes misted over. I didn't even know why! Then I got an image in my mind. Funnily, it was sort of washed out in 70s colors, like I'm remembering pictures, not actual memories - but the image was of my Dad and my Mom and my sister and brother and me. Jerod has on brown cords and a too-tight polo, Megan and I have matching bowl cuts. Dad has a perm (yes, I'm serious) and Mom's hair is in the classic Dorothy Hammill. And we are happy.

I would never trade my life now to go back to that time. I love being a Mommy and I love relating to my sibs and parents as adults and I especially love being a wife.

But man. Memories can be powerful, can't they? Holding tight to my Dad's shoulders as he glides underwater with me on his back . . . making my two cats get married . . . Megan saying "under to" instead of just "under" . . .

I couldn't wait to grow up. I thought when I was grown up I wouldn't have to follow any rules. Ha! And like I said, I'm really glad that I am a grown-up now, but man - I miss those times. I miss being a family. It didn't feel simple at the time, but it sure does looking back on it. Well, in some ways. I don't know, I'm just feeling a little weepy tonight thinking back on all of it.

I think I was better off watching Married With Children. This paid programming is for the birds!


  1. At least you got a good tear from your memories. That's what I figure when the happy ones make me cry. I'd rather that than shedding a tear over a horrible memory. But yeah, I'd change the channel!

  2. What an honor to be a part of your memories- and what SWEET memories they are! I vaguely remember the cats getting married! LOL

  3. Aw, sometimes memories are like the foamy ocean's waves, carrying us along for a sweet little ride!