Thursday, March 11, 2010

I ordered this Bible for free from Zondervan from a link I saw - gosh, last week or the week before? It came a few days ago and can I just tell you that I was FLOORED when it arrived!

First of all, it came in a beautiful box and was wrapped with the most darling cover around the box that umm, looked pretty much like my desk does at all times, with receipts, notes, shopping lists, recipes, things like that.

Then I opened up that box - oh MY gosh! You can see above just how darling it is. *It's REALLY cute*.

I got some time last night to flip through this NIV Bible and not only is it cute and the perfect size, it has the sweetest devotions throughout. There are options for the busy mom to choose a 1-minute devotion, a 5-minute devotion and a 10-minute devotion. I love that they know how busy Moms are and that a 10-minute devotional is a lofty goal some days. LOL!


  1. I am loving mine too! Thanks so much for thinking of me!
    p.s. I put my sticker on my car and now I am the ultimate nerdy mom, minivan and an "I am a proud parent" sticker. I love it.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I like it! I love new Bibles :)

  3. Hey Emily!

    I just had to drop over here and tell you how talented your husband is (of course you already knew this). We here are all COMPLETELY impressed. We will have to have you over sometime to see his finished product!

    Nice Bible!