Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st-time baseball

Canaan has been so excited for baseball season to start!  He's watched his siblings - well, mainly his brothers - play so many sports and he's been itching for his turn.  He's in luck!  T-ball has started up at last.  His first practice was last week, and I ate up all the cuteness.

Ohhh my gosh, baby boys stretching??  Is this not THE CUTEST??
Alif is his coach, which is probably at least part of the appeal - you know how Canaan loves his Daddy!
First try he hit the tee, second try he sent it flying.  GOOD JOB BUDDY!!  RUN! RUN! RUUUNNNN!
YES!!  You're on first!  Woo hooooo!! . . . oh . . . wait . . . you spied Mama.  And Mama's lap looked a LOT cozier than the windy, rainy field.  Who could blame you?  :-D


  1. OH how CUTE!!! And I bet that is really encouraging for him to have Daddy as a coach!

  2. um yes, that is simply ADORABLE. We have been playing baseball with our boys lately and it really is the cutest thing ever!

  3. Ah I love it! They are so cute! He reminds me a lot of my oldest boy Peyton!!! Cute cute cute!