Saturday, May 22, 2010


I tell you what, I have not sewn in a while!  I have so many fabrics, most of which aren't my style any more, and just so many sewing supplies all-around that are unorganized, that embarking on a simple project takes way more effort than I have the energy for.  Once I get going though, the creative juices start to flow and I go on a sort of sewing binge. 

The first projects were for this little cutie:

I started with this ballet tote.  She'd been asking me for a while to make her a ballet bag.  I assumed she would want a sort of backpack, but when I showed her a few she said that she had a bag in her head and that it was pink and it had two shoulder straps and her name and ballet shoes on the front.  Well hey, that's easy!  I found a tutorial and set to work.  The embroidery on the front took a while but I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

I had a really hard time with the fabric combo on this one, so I ended up using a mish-mash of fabrics Caris liked.  Here's the back:

 Here's the front when you flip it inside-out:
 After the tote was finished I sewed up a couple of skirts.  Here's one . . .
 She loves it!  Yay!  Sewing for children is the BEST.  They get excited about it, they know exactly what they want, and it always looks adorable on them.

Graham got in on the photo shoot action.  Pretty soon all four kids were doing somersaults and handstands all over the yard.

Here's another project that came together easily - a baby gift for my friend Chelsea's baby boy:

The front of the blanket is unbleached something-or-other and soft brown flannel.  The back is a gorgeous green-gray fine-wale corduroy that makes me want to take a nap.  The patchwork binding turned out really cute, but next time I'll avoid denim and corduroy in a patchwork binding.  My machine didn't sound super thrilled with the many, many layers - especially around the corners.  Anyway, a couple of cute monograms for the blanket and onesie made this a special gift that baby will surely enjoy.

A couple more finished projects to come once I upload pictures!


  1. Those look AWESOME- love the skirt on Caris! And that you were able to make the exact bag she wanted- that is skill!

  2. Wow, Emily, you are so talented! Everything is awesome!

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    are you going to sell bags like those?

  4. Uh, for someone who hasn't sewn in a while, you are amazing!! I have only tried sewing a clothing item once or twice and the time it took me was so not worth it. I'm so impressed that you have it down. It's all adorable!