Sunday, August 01, 2010


Poor Caris.  She has allergy problems, and I'm not sure we even understand the extent of them.  She has eczema that is completely miserable for her, and I am starting to wonder if dairy is causing it - or at least making it worse.  On top of that, she complains about tummy aches regularly.  For the last few nights it's been so bad she's been in tears.

I gave her a scale, 1-3, to try to explain how much it's hurting: 1 means it hurts a little bit but not enough to complain about it.  2 means it's bothering her and 3 means it hurts so much she comes to tell me about it.  Only once today she's said it's a zero - I've asked her 3 or 4 other times and she's said 1 or 2.  :-(

I told her yesterday that when I go to the grocery store this week, we're going to go dairy-free for her for a couple weeks and see if that helps.  It's going to be a pain, but at least it'll give us some answers.  I hope.


  1. have you considered an elimination diet?(eliminate everything but meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and eggs and perhaps quinoa) and then gradually introduce the other things to see if it causes a reaction?

    we eliminated everything with ollie and are SO pleased with the improvements! perhaps we'll eventually introduce more things, but for now I don't want to rock his sensitive little boat.

    i know it's a pain, but personally I would rather try that than allergy testing:)

    hoping you find some answers. it's so different for each child.

  2. Good luck, hon. Dairy is a hard one to completely eliminate. When my younger 2 were little, they both had dairy issues. Samuel was lactose intolerant & Sarah had a full fledged milk allergy. They both outgrew it, but those years were pricey ones over here. Praying that you find the source of her allergies quickly. I know it's gotta be miserable for her.

  3. I had the same problem as a little one, and it was a milk allergy. Cutting it out did fix the eczema and tummy issues and I have never missed milk or cheese. When it causes you suffering you don't usually like it anyway! I hope your little one gets better. If you need any help with the dairy-free aspect, feel free to email me. I run

  4. My tummy issue's have turned out to be a gluten issue.. years of issues solved by going gluten free (already low dairy anyway)..poor Caris..

  5. Oh no I am so sorry! This is going to be a tough little adventure for your family, hugs =)

  6. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Definitely worth a try. It makes sense in light of your violent allergy to dairy as a baby and young child. Eliminating it isn't as complicated and inconvenient as it seems, it just takes some planning and the same notices as her nut allergy to Sunday school teachers, friends, etc.

  7. I was going to tell you my friend's daughter was experiencing the EXACT same symptoms. Terrible eczema and tummy aches. She did allergy testing and found the source is a corn allergy. They have eliminated corn (which actually includes a lot more than just corn - sugar is processed the same way). It has been a hard road to eliminate but it's been 4 months and she is MUCH better. But it sounds like from these comments that everyone has a different trigger and a different approach. My thought is that if you are going to go for it to eliminate a food, you may want to allergy test just to make sure you're eliminating the right source. It's so expensive to start and at least you would know it was the right one! Just a thought... I know unsolicited advice is many times not helpful at all. Hope I didn't overstep!

    Hopefully dairy will be it and you will be on your way to a better Caris!

  8. I'm wondering if all these allergy things coming up w/ friends recently have something to do w/ Bakersfield??? I'm only half kidding. So many of you are dealing w/ this right now! I'm praying for all of you.

    Em - my husband's cousin went through a lot w/ their youngest and excema. She ended up eliminating chemicals from their cleaning supplies and changing how all of them eat. It's made a huge difference. Here's a link to one of her posts about it:

  9. Oh, poor baby. I feel her pain! Can she do soy? That's worked for me for cereal, etc. I had to go off all dairy for awhile, but now it's okay in small doses. Hard cheese and yogurt are fine, just not milk. Cheese was the hardest to give up, but not nearly as hard as other food allergies.