Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worst Valentine's Ever

Updated to add: June thought Alif was pretty lame too

No, not this year. This year's was sweet and cute and family-oriented and fun. But my favorite blogger of all time, June at Bye Bye Pie, asked us what was our worst Valentine's ever and when I wrote out my response, I thought I should share it here too.  Feel free to laugh at my expense.

When now-dh and I had been dating 2 or 3 years, he threw me a most fantastic Valentine's celebration. He cleared out one room and made into a full-blown Valentine extravaganza with handmade crafts, a romantic candlelit table, love music playing etc. He made us a fancy, delicious dinner and acted all romantic, pulling my chair out for me and the like. He gave me a couple of gifts during dinner and FINALLY dessert time came, and we had stars in our eyes, we were just so blissed out, and I KNEW, I knew he was going to propose. Finally.

And sure enough, he passed over a very small jewelry box and said, "this is for you," looking so pleased with himself and excited and nervous. I opened it to find . . . a clock. A tiny, gold, engraved clock.
Mine is actually very sleek and simple. It's about 1" tall and 1" wide.

What. the. heck?? I cried and he thought I loved it and then I really REALLY cried and it was just flat-out awful. That beautiful celebration turned into our biggest fight ever and I went home sobbing. I don't know what was worse, his retardedness or my severe overreaction to the disappointment. A couple years later we got engaged and life is now great. Despite the clock.


  1. Is it okay that I laughed at this story? Not at the fight, of course, but a clock? Really? You've gotta love the way men's minds work. :)

    I'm glad that all turned out well for you two.

  2. Anonymous1:26 PM

    What is it about men and clocks??

  3. You saved the clock right? Now you can pass it down to your daughter as a cherished family heirloom. :o)

  4. Naomi1:49 PM

    This was awesome! I laughed too. Stephen just doesn't get my hopes up to begin with, so I'll never be disappointed ;0)

    I did however, receive a leatherman for Valentine's Day once.