Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Grief is weird. It doesn't move along at a proper pace like most things do. It clips along and then juts forward, falls back a step, spins in a circle, takes you up a mountain and plummets you into a ditch. I guess as it's whirling about, though, it does move forward. There's definitely hope down the road, evidence of healing as time passes.

It makes me think, too, about the way I see myself and my role in my little community. When I feel sad I don't want to leave my home. I was thinking earlier about why that is, and realized that it has a lot to do with feeling like I have nothing to offer. Which of course made me wonder what I thought the world needed from me.

Anyway, feeling a little melancholy over here. Sickness in our home for over two months now has played tricks on my sanity. I'm still a wife and mom but in a way it feels like life is passing me by. No church, no AWANA, no gym . . . just the very necessities like grocery shopping and kids' sports.

So enough of my whining. My smart, thinking, maturing, turning-into-a-man Malachi came along on Canaan's photo shoot. Little did he know that Miss Davi would snap some pictures of his sweet face too. I'm really looking forward to Malachi's actual Birthday Shoot in April, but until then, here's a sneak peek:


  1. He's so handsome!!! And so grown up! :)

  2. {{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}} friend! Grief is strange it is ok to feel whatever you are feeling, just stay close to the Lord and let him speak to you. let me know if i can do anything

    those pictures are amazing! where did you guys take them?

  3. My heart goes out to you as you process your grief.

    You have SO MUCH to offer the world! If only you could see yourself how others see you: warm, kind, sweet, lovely, funny and beautiful.

    Such a stud you got there;)

  4. Thanks everyone! Raquel,I'll message you. Davi, I think what I was feeling like is that when I'm feeling blue, I don't feel very outgoing, you know? Normally I like to smile at people, hug them, make conversation, but when I'm down I just want to be a hiding turtle. LOL

  5. Emily! How fun to find your blog! Sending you a big hug, and hoping you are feeling better every day! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful boy!! :)

    I hope the sunshine is giving you a reason to get out again, Emily! :) I've been in the same place the last month. Grieving for different reasons, but not blogging about it for the same. I've been thinking about you, and sending love and prayers your way!