Monday, March 28, 2011

Super quick update on BI90

I'm going to take the time to write an actual post on Bible in 90 Days and what the experience has been like for me once I'm officially done. For now, here's my comment to my reading group about where I am today:

AAAAAAAAAAAAA Cannot BELIEVE how close we are to the end! I was hoping to be caught up by today but I'm 5 days behind as of right this minute. It's ok though - God graciously provided a very open week for me to read, and I am just *soaking up* the NT! Ohhh it's ever so much more beautiful to read after all that OT law and wrath and terror! Thank you God for sending your Son! Thank you Jesus for making a way! Thank you Paul for heeding God's call on your life! What a blessing this is!!!!

Can you feel my excitement? :-D

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  1. Emily, how are you doing with B90Days? I'm looking forward to hearing when you're finished! :)