Friday, October 14, 2005


I'm tired today. I went to bed too late last night after staying up for most of ER, then heading to bed and reading a few chapters of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which is a silly, fun read so far. Then Caris woke up at 5:45. Why would she wake up so early? She went to bed at like 10:00 or something last night. I was out at Circle of Friends and when I came home she hugged me so much and stroked my face and hair and said, "(When) you gone I sad; I miss you so much!" AWWWW! Isn't she the sweetest! I love her all the time but don't really want to see her at 5:45 am. It is pretty cute how she whispers, "Mommy! Mommy, can I have my drinkie pwease? . . . " (waits) "Mommy! (still whispering) Mommy, want my drinkie." So anyway, she nursed and then apparently Daddy set her up with a Blue's Clues video. The boys were still asleep and Daddy was off to work, and yeah - about half an hour later there's my whispering baby again, wanting the other drinkie. I gave it and finally got up. Had some coffee, which REALLY jump-started me this morning, because I haven't had any coffee in quite a while. That was a good thing. Got tons of housework done and stalkingly tried calling Amanda G-P several times to see if I can come and pick up some of her laundry. I don't want her feeling sick during her pregnancy, but it will be nice to ease some stress for her if she will let me. I guess that is a big blessing to come out of my having been so terribly sick with Caris. I have not gotten ahold of her yet. The kids acted really unkindly with each other this morning so we are not going to the CHECK park day. This was mostly a relief to me but a little disappointing as well. I'm just a grouch today altogether. My abdomen feels odd and I can't help but wonder if I could be pregnant, but I'm sure it's more likely that my period is trying to come. I am going to start temping (I accidentally wrote tempting there, which is pretty applicable too, ROFL!) and charting tomorrow. I need to know where I am in my strange cycles. I feel like I'm totally in Cycle Wilderness, which is not a really fun place to be. Darn, someone has called my cell phone 2x today and it's the wrong number. That always makes me nervous. Go away man! So alright - kids are down for naps and I need to put in at least the 30 minutes of sewing I've committed to doing during naptime. Shall I have some tea first?

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