Monday, October 24, 2005


Caris got in bed with me at 2 am, and I delivered her back to her own bed. She got in bed with me again at 6:30, which was fine. After I took my temperature (I finally remembered!) I turned over to nurse her. Soon after Graham cuddled up in bed with us. It was still dark and he whispered, "Mommy." "Yes, baby?" "Which way are you towarding?" "Toward you, honey." "Which way is Caris towarding?" "Toward me."
Very cute!

And in other, not-very-cute news . . . ok - last night the phone rang, and Caris and Graham ran out with Graham yelling, "We called 911, we called 911!" (Scared, obviously). I found the phone and answered and said that my kids had called and I'm so sorry. . . . she said, "Which one called?" I said, "why do you want to know?" She said, "You have three kids - which one called?" I said, "How do you know I have three kids?" She said, "You just told me." I said, "No I didn't, I said, 'I have curious kids." She said, "Oh. So who called?" I said, "I'm not telling you that." She said, "Ok, I'll cancel the call." I thought the whole thing was so totally weird - I mean obviously I had a BIG BIG talk with the kids, and it was wrong of them to call - but how odd that she wouldn't give me a reason for wanting to know who called!

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