Saturday, December 31, 2005

Seems prudent

It just seems like the right thing to do to post one more entry for 2005. Then again, I have nothing especially profound to say, so maybe I shouldn't. LOL! We are "celebrating" New Year's Eve by having a completely normal day. Alif took the kids grocery shopping. When they got home, Malachi spilled the beans that Caris had gotten lost for a brief time in the store. Alif says it was only about 10 seconds but that nonetheless there were tears and hugs. Thank God they're all home in one piece! I really got upset with him, but honestly, these things do just happen. Just not to me. HA HA HA Just kidding, I had an experience much like that with Malachi when he was about this age. It lasted only about THREE seconds but it scared the heck out of me anyway.

I sewed up several covers today. Finished up one for Alison and a girly medium for instock, cut out a couple of Denver Broncos and finished one (the other will be an AIO and I'll work on it tomorrow). I'm going to stock the store sometime next week or early the week after. I hope it's successful.

The kids are really driving me a little bonkers today. Graham had an especially fun day going to Build A Bear with my Mom, and Malachi was truly jealous for the first time (that I have noticed). He pouted around and acted generally unkind, and was just very unpleasant today. When they're together they're arguing more than usual, which just always puts me on edge. At the moment they're all on time out on various beds. Poor things are probably starving as it is 7:50 and they have not had dinner. I actually really can't wait to get on a more normal routine this next week! I wrote out menus for each day and so gladly, our meals are planned.

So - there it is, my last post of 2005 and it's almost all complaining! How's that? OH wait, I almost forgot one last complaint. We got this cool s'mores maker for Christmas, and we didn't realize it needed a 2.6 chafing candle (what the heck is that? I *think* I've seen them but no clue where or when). Alif is now out at almost 8:00 on New Year's Eve, scouring the entire East Side for a Chafing Candle. AAAAAAG!


  1. yikes! all that made me cringe just reading it. aren't you glad it's over and it's a new day? new year? :) the kids might just be tired of being around each other. that happens, just like with adults. do they have friends to go over or come over? that used to help my kids, just to have their own space and independent time. heck, i still need this!

  2. speaking of new year....where is that cute calendar I bought last summer???????

  3. I know what you mean about getting into a routine! I'm feeling the need for that myself!

    Great job on getting the menu done...another thing that I want to get done.

    My kiddos go back to school on Wednesday. I'm going to be working on things then, but the real kick into gear will come on MONDAY, January 9th!!!