Thursday, February 09, 2006


We got a dog! His name is Moxie Max. We found him on and Alif drove to Lancaster to pick him up. The first few days were anxious for me: he was 99% sweet as can be, and then there were a few times he downright challenged me, and that was scary and unacceptable. He has since settled in and he is now 99.5% sweet. LOL He still needs to learn some manners, especially with company, and perfect the "no peeing or pooping in the house" rule, but mostly he is as good as you can imagine!!

The weather has been absolutely spring-like. The bright sun and warm air really perks me up in a big way!

I am completely caught up on laundry. Can you believe it?? I'm also giving over the boys' laundry to Malachi. He will be paid $1 per load he washes, dries and puts away. He's already a great laundry helper, but it will be good for him to have this job. Graham's new paying job is going to be handling dog poops. Go boys!


  1. I'm SO happy Moxie settled down! I knew that if anyone had the patience for him, it was you!

    ...can I come work for you? $1 a load? I'd never have to work again!

  2. Hoooray for training your little guys in money skills and responsibility. I was so slack in this area (and paid for it as my kids grew older), so one thousand cheers for you!!!