Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh, darn!!

I woke up with a slight sore throat and some major congestion. I worried it could be strep since the kids had it last week, but then wrote that off since I had other cold symptoms and no fever. Well, now I do have a fever and feel pretty awful! UGH! I scheduled a dr appt for first thing tomorrow morning, because if this IS strep, no way am I waiting it out. I'll feel pretty dumb if it's just a cold but even dumber if I wait and end up even more miserable than I am now!


  1. I hope you feel better soon Emily! I have been fighting with this congestion for about 2 weeks now, and it's awful!

  2. Oh Emiles.... (((((((((((((Emily)))))))))))))) I am so sorry! You need some TLC, I love you!

  3. Are you feeling any better yet, Emily? Did it turn out to be strep? I hope you're able to get some rest this weekend! I went to a scrapbooking night with my neighbor last night. Didn't get much done, but I'm inspired to get ready for next Wednesday! Hope you're all better soon!