Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gardenin' Fools!

It has been so rainy here the past couple of weeks that when the sunshine comes out, I just want to celebrate by getting my hands into the earth! We have put off renovating our gardens for all of the 7 years we've lived here, because we continually have a plan for adding on to the house and subsequently re-finishing the outside somehow. I figure the gardens will be pretty well destroyed in that whole process, so I've just let the weeds take over. Well you know what? I'm no longer willing to stare at weeds! I decided we'd just weed and plant one tiny section at a time until our yard looks like the English cottage garden I've dreamed of. We started with 8 small flowering plants, and we're slowly but surely weeding one little patch at a time in our front bed to make way for one plant at a time. So far we've got 2 planted and though they're sparse, they're infinitely more beautiful than the grass and weeds previously residing there. Praise God for His beautiful botanical creations!!


  1. Good for you Emily! I have some pots and flower seeds to start my container gardening. I'm going to Home Depot soon for some veggie plants.

  2. English Cottage I can see you being really good at creating that look! I might want to sleep out on your front lawn when I'm there actually. = ) It looks sooooo good, only a few more months til I get to see ut in person!

  3. wonderful picture and idea to garden! you'll love it!