Friday, March 09, 2007

Canaan, 5 weeks

-smiling and cooing, but not a lot yet
-had his first hair trim, just a few stray long hairs left after most of his hair fell out on the top
-speaking of hair, he plays with the hair on the crown of his head while nursing
-seems to be getting a little more particular about where he sleeps, which means he's a bit fussy when we're out and about and he gets tired
-still fits size small diapers, but a few mediums are starting to fit too
-most heard comments: he's so cute! he's so tiny! (!!) look at his tiny little feet!
-usually goes 3 hours between feedings at night, but has gone longer a couple of times
-long, long eyelashes flutter softly as he falls asleep
-he is getting so round and cherubic!
-I carry him tummy-to-tummy in the sling, and he always tucks one or both legs up IN it. It cracks me up!

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