Friday, March 02, 2007

Canaan, 4 weeks

-when we are nursing in bed, his hand finds its way inside mine - I love how it feels opening and closing in there
-he makes little sighing, high-pitched singing noises as he exhales during nursing
-his hair is falling out, resulting in a nice male-pattern baldness look. LOL
-0-3 outfits still fit, but are starting to look a bit snug. 3-6 outfits are still really big, though.
-he's starting to make much more intentional eye contact, though the visual love of his life is still the ceiling fan in the living room
-went on his first out-of-womb walk around the neighborhood. Really liked it - stared with face upward, soaking in the sun, then fell asleep in the sling
-has 12 white milia spots left on his nose. I actually counted them during an early-morning feeding. ROFL
-first time at church today! So fun showing him off to those who hadn't seen him yet! Alif & I worked in the nursery today so it was the perfect Sunday to head back to church.
-Alif said tonight, "He's really getting big." I responded, "I know. He doesn't look like a newborn any more." :*)

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