Monday, March 05, 2007

God's Upside-Down Universe

It's true that God's ways are not like ours. I had many days toward the end of my pregnancy that I really worried how well I would be able to tolerate four children. I was so tired and cranky and many times my patience was absolutely worn thin. I kept thinking of how much *more* tired I'd be with a baby in the mix and how much *less* patient this would make me.

God has a funny, special way of doing things, though. My heart hasn't just expanded to include little Canaan, it's expanded to not just tolerate my older kids better but to truly enjoy them more. Sure, I have moments where my patience fizzles and I really just need some quiet - and God provides it. But all in all, having one more baby has just made me love being a Mom even more! Thank you Lord!

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