Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lunch Conversations, Etc.

I was sitting on the couch nursing Canaan after errands today and the kids were eating lunch at the table and I overheard:
Caris: What's a Barbarian?
Graham: A Barbarian is a very uncontrolled person.

A couple days ago Megan told me she is going to paint a bench in her garden periwinkle. I thought that sounded so cute, and also thought of the long bench we have in our back yard that desperately needs painting! Today we went out and got periwinkle paint! :-) As we approached the checkstand, an employee was standing at the entrance of the self-check area. He was singing opera-style. As we got closer he changed to a peppier singing style and sang out to us, "the self-check stand is reaaadyyyy, the self-check stand is ready!" Isn't it great to have fun with even the most mundane chores? I mean really, not only is HIS life more fun but he made ours more fun today too. What better way to delight a bunch of children and their Mommy than to sing to them as they shop? He he!

Alif bought Caris a couple of dresses last weekend and they were too short so we went and exchanged them today. I made her try them on before her nap and sat admiring her beautiful self while she posed for silly pictures. Oh, that girl, how I love her! :*)

Canaan was really sick with bronchitis but he is improving daily. He's still got a gunky cough but he's happier and sleeping better and crying much less. It was awful seeing my usually so-happy boy so decidedly UNhappy!

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  1. Couldn't you have seen us singing to customers at TCBY back in the day?