Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Canaan, 13 weeks

-He was rubbing his hair rhythmically this morning . . . flat palm against the back of his head, slowly forward, then fling off the front in a big wide circle around to the back again. Alif goes, "You're gonna wear your hair out!" :-D
- Loves being in his sling! If he's sleepy *at all* he is asleep within minutes, even seconds sometimes. If he's not sleepy he'll just settle in cozily and ride along, sucking his fist or fingers and looking around.
-Talks to the nursie while he nurses. LOL
-I sang this cute kids' song, "Shout! Shout joyfully, all the earth . . . " and the beginning is kind of high and stacatto, and he laughed. A lot. :-D
-I look down sometimes when I have him in my lap, and there he is, smiling up at me! OMGosh this baby is so SWEET! He smiles so much!

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