Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby Pictures

Look at my two teeth! They are really sharp so I can't bite people's fingers any more. Boo! But they look so cute when I smile and even when I cry.
See right here on my tummy? I have a red rash all over it. It's on my back too. It's from Roseola and it's not contagious so go ahead and cuddle me anyway.
I learned how to get my foot and it tastes great. One day I bit it and cried.
I'm so flirty. Who can resist me?
Auntie Megan is so cool. She sent me these big-boy shoes and I look awesome in them. My shirt says, "Splish Splash I was born in the bath".


  1. Oh! These are adorable! I love them, man he looks like such a big boy on the couch- ahhhh can't wait to have our baby boys together. I'm so glad those shoes fit, they look so great on heeuuuum! Dang I'm sorry about the roseola. I am really impressed about that picture you got of the teeth, Christian won't let me get near his!

  2. Cute pictures! He is growing too fast! See you at swim lessons!