Sunday, July 22, 2007

PTL, I'm actually doing it.

I have been unmotivated to exercise for . . . umm, a long time. Probably 12 years. I mean, I walk here & there and very occasionally do an exercise video but I haven't been committed to an exercise program in a long, long time. I don't know why, but a little segment on Access Hollywood was God's way of motivating me once again. (You can see it here:

I can't tell you how great it feels to be moving my body again. To know that I'm whittling away at the fat and building underneath it some toned muscles. To know that I'm getting stronger each time I work out. I don't know how God flipped the switch but I'm so glad he did! If you're interested in following my journey you can friend request here:

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  1. Aw Emily this is so great! I'm really excited for you, and trying to catch some of your motivation myself!