Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Awesome Boys

We have been doing our schoolwork on the couch most of the time for the past few weeks, which leaves the table free for crafting endeavors on the part of those not directly involved in schoolwork at the moment. One day I noticed that Graham had some fuzzy purple stuff in his hands and knew it would be taken from him as his level of focus would probably not allow fuzzy purple stuff and also phonics practice at once. I looked over at him and he was looking at me like the picture below. I had to ROFL and take a few pictures before setting the purple stuff aside until after we were done with phonics. He is so awesome!

Malachi has been asking me to teach him to sew for eons. The other day he brought out two pieces of fabric - primary stripes and primary tie dye - and asked if he could make Caris a doll blanket. There is never a good time for something this involved, so I just said yes. He was so proud of himself sewing all on his own! When it was done he ironed it, folded it into quarters, tied a ribbon around it and presented it to Caris. What an awesome brother!

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