Sunday, September 23, 2007

Picture Time

Graham lost two teeth this last week!

Uh-oh! Canaan loooooves to find pieces of paper to chew up. Mr. Mischief!!

I love how contemplative he looks in this picture. He is a serene, pleasant baby.
I was IMing with Christina one day and heard "mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm, mmmm" from the living room and found Canaan like this. ROFL
Thank you Mom and Rod for the gift cards for my Birthday! Here's one outfit I picked out:
Canaan asleep in my arms at soccer this last Saturday


  1. Your family is so sweet Emily!! I love looking at your pics, and reading about your days. : )

  2. oh Emiles, those are GREAT pictures, and I LOOOVE the outfit you picked at Old Navy!

  3. Emily, Great pictures! I am glad to hear you like your bullet. I was thinking about buying one.
    I felt like such a bad HS mommy at AWANAs because Christopher didn't know the Pledge. Hmmm how did he slip through the cracks!?!
    Glad your feeling better!

  4. Emily, you have such adorable kiddo's!! What a beautiful family!