Monday, April 07, 2008

It's her day

My much-beloved Grandma went home to be with Jesus today. We Christians use that phrase a lot when we talk about other believers' deaths, and it's a comfort to us to know that our loved ones are in Heaven. Today though, this is the first time that my joy for a loved one being with Jesus has really outweighed my grief. Don't get me wrong, I've cried so much today. A couple hours after I got the news I got in the shower and had a good, long, cleansing cry.

"Go to sleep little pumpkin, and tuck in your toes
When you wake in the mornin' you will turn to a rose

Go to sleepy little baby
Go to sleepy little baby
When you wake
You'll patty-patty-cake
And ride a shiny little pony"

I will miss her so much. She was the kind of Grandma every child wants to have. She was such an example.

She was an example of a Godly woman. My Grandma loved Jesus with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength. Everything she did was about serving Him, honoring Him, loving Him. Even in the little things, like finding a good parking spot: "Thank you, Lord!"

She knew how to be hospitable. My Grandma had us (and so many others) in her beautiful home at every opportunity. There was never any need to knock. We'd pull up, walk in and call, "Yoo hoo!" (just like she did when they came to our house!) and she was always ready. There was gum in the candy dish. Mixed juices in the morning, each cup already poured and waiting on the table. Fresh oranges from the tree in the yard. Watering cans that little hands could easily handle. A basket of toys in the closet. Walks down the street to Shell Beach, naps upstairs with the white curtains blowing in the beachy breeze, meals around the big oak table, cuckoo clock chiming out the hours, bounce-bounce-bouncing up and down when she tucked us in at night, her soft, strong hands on our chests. And when it was time to go, she and Grandpa standing arm in arm on the front porch, waving 'till we couldn't see each other any more. "Let the phone ring twice when you get home."

Grandma was a most excellent wife.
I never heard a single negative comment about my Grandpa come from her mouth. She supported him and loved him and kept personal matters private.

She showed us how to have FUN! We have a long legacy of laughers in my family. I don't know how far back it goes, but my great-grandma Gonny was a laugher and my Grandma even more so. We're not just talking about subdued giggles here - my Grandma could really LAUGH. Tears streaming down her face, full-blown laughing. I'm glad to say that trait has carried through the generations just fine.

Grandma was a peace-maker. She knew how to keep us kids in control and any time two people started gettin' snippy, she'd say, "Now, now." And somehow that was enough.

Grandma taught us how to give. From a very young age, Grandpa and Grandma took us kids on vacations with them, kept us at their house for a week or so, drove over and over to see our recitals, graduations, Birthday parties, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. They loved to be with us, and the feeling was mutual. Grandma was the family glue.

There's never been a Grandma more loved. I will miss her so, so much, but I rest in comfort knowing that she's with our Savior. I love you, Grandma.


  1. Emily! That is absolutely BEEEEAAAUUUTIFUL. Would you mind if I copied the entire thing (and of course give you credit) and put it on mine? I seriously don't think I could word it any better. I love you!

  2. {{{hugs}}}
    that was beautifully written!

  3. Very beautiful Emily. I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ♥

  4. Such a sweet tribute to your precious grandma. I pray that you'll find comfort in knowing she's where she belongs.

  5. Emily, that is so beautiful. Your grandma was a very special lady, always so sweet to me. SHe was so faithful to be such a part of your growing up, I remember see her and your grandpa at every important event. I know how much you loved her and will miss her, I am sorry!

  6. Hi Emily, I just found your new blog! I'm glad I can catch up now. :) This really was a beautiful post about your grandmother. Very inspiring. I hope the weight and stress of your week are easing up a bit and you finally got some rest.

  7. I loved reading this. It was candy for my soul...and seeing that your on a sugar fast. :)

    I have a sweetheart of a grandma that I just adore...she sounds very much like yours. :)