Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prince of Peace Academy, Week 4

Four weeks into our 2008-2009 school year. Wow. Let's see how our week went!

Monday we relaxed quite a lot and just spent time together. I spent the weekend at the beach with my Mom & sister, so I was tired.

Tuesday we went to the charter school to sign up for enrichment classes. It's our quarter for priority sign-up, so it was very quiet in there. We were only the 3rd family to show up that day, and yet one of the classes Malachi wanted was already full. :::things to make you go hmmm:::

We also met with our resource teacher for our 1st grading period check-in. Alif has never come to a meeting with us and he surprised me by showing up. What a nice Daddy! Our meeting went well and the kids happily picked treasures out of the treasure chest, and we were on our way.

That evening we went to my Dad's for a Birthday barbeque. Megan turned 29 this year and I turned 34. We have the same Birthday! Anyway, we swam and ate gluten-free chips plus non-gluten-free hamburgers and ice cream. It was perfect.

Wednesday we were supposed to be on an aquarium trip, just the kids & I, but everyone I knew scared me out of it by telling me that Mapquest was lying when they said it would only take just over 2 hours. We signed up for the charter school's trip to the same aquarium instead and will spend the night the night before so we can really enjoy the aquarium the next day. I think Alif might come with us. Yippee!

Thursday we took Caris to the dentist, who said, "Caris, you have no carries." Oh, was he funny. ;-) The office was awesome with my kids as always.

Then we went to pick up our Birthday cake from my friend Stephanie. SO good to see her - it had been years, and we've known each other all our lives! You should have seen us trying to cut this cake. It toppled in a big way and we laughed our heads off. So awesome.

Later I got to have a Lady Lunch with my Mom & sister. Ohhhh, too good for WORDS. Seriously. I love those ladies!

Do you like how my week has no mention of actual homeschooling activities? We did read. We did work. We just didn't do anything super exciting worth mentioning here. Life is learning, right?

I don't even remember Friday. :::things that make you go hmmm:::


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! what a fun week!my friend has said so many great things about gmss!

  2. Hey Emily! I don't think MapQuest was lying. We've always gotten there in less than 2.5 hours, and we've always driven down the morning of, stayed at the aquarium as long as we had energy (usually about four hours), and driven home. But I hope you have a good time when you do go!

  3. Em--
    2 hrs sounds about right....If I recall you are about 4hrs from me to the north -ish
    the aquarium is 30min to the north of me....
    you are more east and it is more west....

    Let me know when you are coming...I still have my free tickets