Saturday, September 20, 2008


This would really, REALLY be more appropriate for Twitter, but since I have only signed up for a Twitter account and have not ever USED it, here I am with just a quick little blog.

I AM GOING ON A DATE!!! Do you remember, just recently I told you that I haven't gone on a date in literally years?

The other night I said, jokingly, "aren't I cute in my new outfit?" I did have on a new outfit and it is very cute but I don't really ever feel cute thanks to my whale-like proportions. Dh, however, does think I'm cute and said, "You're cute enough to take on a date!"

I forgot all about it until yesterday when he told me that his brother would be coming over to after the kids are in bed, while we go out to a movie. No WAY! He arranged babysitting and everything? How much do I want him to dress up like a frog and be my frog prince this Halloween??

So then today I looked up the movies and umm, hello stupid movies. NOTHING looks even remotely enjoyable. I IMed my friend Sarah-Michelle and she said her favorite dates involve walking around at Wal-Mart or the mall. I totally laughed it off. And then I thought - you know, that actually sounds fun!

We are going on a date, friends. To Wal-Mart.

I can't WAIT!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful time on your date! I highly recommend trying to have a date with your hubby every week. You don't always have to go out or have a babysitter. Just put the kids to bed and enjoy a picnic on the floor or play a board game. My kids think it's great that every Friday is mom and dad's date night.

  2. sounds like a fun time to me! last week John and i went on a date to dinner, target, and crusie thru car wash lol

  3. My favourites have been going out for a coffee (because a coffee minus the kids is less-eventful, I need the odd less-eventful day) then running errands or wandering the shops. You can't talk in a movie, not without getting cranky noises made at you by other folk:) And it's adult conversation I crave!!! Hope it was a lovely time!!! I wonder when I can get my Wolf to myself??? (I keep eating the timtams I buy to post about, they are that good, it's coming one day)

  4. OH Emily, yay!! I hope it was a blast! Our first date ever was at Wally Mart. = )

  5. Have a fun date night!
    I don't remember the last time dh & I went on a *date* :)

  6. Oh yay!!! I am so glad you get your date finally, and it is even better that your HUSBAND was the one who planned it-- what a sweet thing.
    I hope you guys had a blast at Wal-Mart!! :)

    By the way, I have to say, I saw the pictures Megan posted of you on her blog when she wrote about your girly trip, and you are VERY cute. Gorgeous, in fact. :)

  7. Emily,
    It's called window shopping! I'm 49 years old and my son is 25 and my daughter is 17...and my mom and I used to window shop all the time when I was a teenager. It was alot of fun!

  8. I hope that you had fun ... I think that these are the best kind of dates. My husband and I went on a birthday date for me and I didn't want to go out to dinner. I wanted to go walk around Target (we did; for THREE HOURS), go to Kohl's (done, for 45 minutes - maybe an hour). We went to all of my favorite places and just walked around and looked at everything. It didn't hurt that I had gift cards and got to buy stuff, but I would have been happy just looking, too, I think!

    I am glad that your husband would do that with you. There aren't too many guys that would just go with the flow and have a shopping date with their wife :)