Thursday, October 02, 2008

Family Portraits

Well? What do you think? I think we all coordinated so well for this one!! Alright, I'm a nerd. Completely. It was fun though - go to and make one!

We really did have family portraits taken a couple weeks ago, and talk about traumatic. First, what in the world was my family going to wear and all coordinate? It had to come out of our current wardrobes, as I didn't have the cash to go get new stuff for everyone. Of course each person has some certain constraints: Alif basically only wears plaid button-ups. Malachi hates everything but t-shirts with no embellishments or seams of any kind. Caris wears a lot of pink. I only have like 2 nice-ish shirts.

I started sorting through and found that we could all coordinate in a brown/red/light blue color scheme. Sweet! I started to really like how everything looked together, even though it was definitely not ideal. Alif came home to get something and I said, "Ok, here's what I have. What do you think?" He said, in a very sweet, reassuring voice, "Oh, I don't mind at all if we're hodgepodge!"


No! Not hodgepodge! Later, someone reminded me that I should have given him the answer first: "Honey. What do you think of the red, brown & light blue color scheme? Looks great together, right?"

I've only been married 10 years. By 20, I'll have this down pat.

The guy from the picture company, who was taking these pictures for free for our church directory, was actually awesome. He was very fast and actually succeeded in getting all of the kids to smile at the camera. Even the one with tics, who blinks nonstop (said child was squinting in 4 out of 6 pictures).

But you know what? All I could think as we posed - Mommy in front of Daddy, baby in Mommy's lap, children standing sweetly around, is that I wished we were in a field somewhere with Lorie or Davi, acting like our normal selves and having *fun*. Maybe next time.


  1. oh yes, you must get photographs done by someone like Lorie sometime... it is too much fun and the results are always fantastic.
    Although, I am sure that the family portrait you had taken is quite lovely... ESPECIALLY since you were able to coordinate you all so well!! :)

  2. hilarous post! finding clothes is always hard. my sister told me to throw everyone's clothes in a pile...and then take a few steps back and squint...whatever pops out too much, get rid of!

    family pictures are always hard though...especially when the family is large, like yours! glad your guy was fast and everyone smiled!

  3. I had to do the same thing for the photos we had taken at the homeschooling conference. Light green and light blue, nothing actually matching. And I agree, outside in a natural setting would have been so much better.

    I hope you like your pictures anyway!

  4. Man I can't wait to see them! Maybe they'll be Christmas card worthy!

  5. hi, I'm a lurker on AR~ (where I clicked on your blog link) :)
    I wanted to share that I am a poritrai pphotographer too... trying to be anyway... and I sure wish you lived nearby.. I would love to do fun pics for you all! I really prefer fun shoots (candid and freestyle (while interacting and playing! they always tun out os natural and capture true esseses of you family so well... so genuine :) It is great fun for me too!
    Blessings and be well