Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bandages, anyone?

Do your kids think band-aids are really stickers? It doesn't matter how many boxes I buy, the kids can go through them in days if I don't hide them and/or keep an eagle eye on my stash. Then someone gets cut and oh, the tragedy, there aren't any band-aids! Ack! Anyway, newbaby.com sent me the most darling little band-aid dispenser. It would be perfect as a stocking stuffer, the diaper bag, the glove box, wherever you need a few bandages at your fingertips.

Leave a comment telling me what YOUR kids get into the most (or what your guilty pleasure was as a child!) and I'll enter you to win this cute little dispenser from newbaby.com - complete with a few bandages!


  1. My kids get into food the most. I have to keep the snack cabinet locked!!!

  2. When Sarah was a baby, we called her our sneaky kid. She was forever being found with an entire pack of gum in her mouth, chewing away & trying to finish it before we found her. Or we'd come around the corner to the bathroom & find her with "stickers" from head to toe. LOL! We've learned since then!

  3. my son seems to be the one that keeps getting into everything. He is caught on average of 10 times a day doing something that he shouldn't. This can be anything from sqeezing soap all over the floor, to painting with toothpaste, to using mommy's "bandaids"...ie, well, you know... he is constantly everywhere you don't want him to be. Also, he too has a problem with the snack box, so we put it on the top shelf in the laundry room, only to find him scaling the shelves to get to it. Scary the places that we find him sometimes. And, yes, we do watch him very well, but he only needs about 10 seconds to get into something. We can't take a shower until the other parent is there to watch him. We are really praying that he grows out of this stage.

  4. we played with bandaids all the time as kids. finally my parents decided, no more bandaids. and that was the end of bandaids, my kids like q-tips and cotton balls.

  5. I know it's too late for the comp but my little Lion was a classic one day... He was not two yet at the time but a very good talker... I could hear this little voice going "no, no, not on walls. no,no, not on walls" over and over so I thought I should go and check on him and I found him with a baby wipe madly cleaning texta off the lounge room wall lecturing himself "no, no, not on walls" After the 'dressing down' he was giving himself I just gave him a hug and thanked him for cleaning it off for mummy :)