Saturday, November 15, 2008

I don't know whether to cry or cry harder

Graham had soccer practice this morning and Alif took both the big boys, so I decided to tackle their disgusting room. I planned to throw and give away a lot and I just wanted to do this without them in there complaining about it. Caris was my big helper and in return I told her she could have any change we found on their floor. LOL

Their room was awful. Seriously, I don't know how it gets so outrageously bad without my noticing. Here is a partial list of contraband items I found in their room after cleaning literally all day long.

Pens from Alif's desk
Wood filler
Crayons - tons of them.
A $50 compass (the kind that you use to draw circles)
A racy game from my bedroom (don't worry, we'd never played it - but geez.)
Candy wrappers
Electronics that we were missing

Now we're on Sunday . . .
You get the idea. It was such a long day. I am glad to have cleared out their room but guess what? I am literally sore from all that cleaning. I told Alif that if that isn't a sign that I need more exercise I don't know what is.


  1. electronics? a spare wide screen or something? LOL totally kidding. Oh man, I am so sorry about the racy game. : ( xoxo

  2. What was the boys' reaction to their newly cleaned room?

  3. Maybe that should have been: What were the boys' reactions to their newly cleaned room?

  4. I get frustrated enough cleaning a pre-schoolers room. Yes, crayons may be intended for kids but they do NOT belong in their carpeted bedrooms with those big blank canvases- um, I mean walls, waiting to be scribbled on.

    It is exhausting, tiring and depressing. Hope it lasts at least a few days. Good on you for tackling it.

  5. Ya know, I wasn't worried a bit about whether or not you & your hubby had played a racy game. But yikes...finding it in the kids' room...that makes me nervous. Did THEY ever open it & look at it?

  6. Cleaning is such hard work. You really don't realize how much bending and lifting and stretching you do until the end of the day or the next day. Even when I've been in the best shape I got sore from a day of it. So it doesn't neccessarily indicate that. Plus when you came over last weekend I thought you looked great. :)

  7. ahhh i need to do this THIS week clean all rooms BEFORE everyone comes over for thanksgiving.. an you should reward yourself for all that hard work by playing that game girl lol!

  8. Matt is 14 and I am still going in and cleaning his room when I can't stand it anymore! =)