Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not THAT peanut

First two things:
1) We use correct names for our anatomy around here. No "hoo-hoo" or "weenie" or whatever - we call them by their proper names.
2) We don't tend to use "peanut" as a pet name - probably because Caris is deathly allergic so "peanut" doesn't seem all that endearing.

I changed Canaan's diaper the other day and once I was all done I said, "what's up, peanut?" Canaan looked at me for a second and said, "huh?" I repeated: "what's up, peanut?" He pointed to his diaper zone and said, "that one? Peanut?" I literally LOL, emphasis on loud.


  1. Too funny! AJ was about Canaan's age when we attempted to use the proper term for his genitals and he heard 'peanut'. We have spent years trying to convince him otherwise. *sigh*

  2. LOL!!!! How funny!

  3. That's pretty darn cute! LOL. Happy New Year! Hey, do you want the 24th or the 31st of Jan for work party?