Friday, December 05, 2008

The Week in Review

Canaan rockin' the nerd glasses at Tony & Rabae's house for Thanksgiving dinner

Is it possible that Alif has boob envy after seeing me nurse our babies for the last 10.5 years? I have seen him trying to latch a baby on, after all - and not just once or twice, either. And let's not even wonder what my brother-in-law Tony is thinking here.

How happy do I look to have weighed in at a whopping 224 pounds at Weight Watchers today? Pretty dang happy, to be honest. It's my absolute highest ever, pregnant or not pregnant, and it's all down from here. My precious mother bought me a membership to Weight Watchers after we tried a TOPS meeting and it was less than motivational for us (though a very, VERY nice group of people). On our way to the meeting the kids were trying to get a picture of what it would be like, and Caris asked if it was going to be like Biggest Loser. I said it kind of would - I was thinking of weighing in, you know? And she said, "so will they drop you into water or anything?" I LOL and told her there wouldn't be any challenges or anything and explained what it would actually be like. It must have seemed pretty dull compared to Biggest Loser. My first goal is to lose 22 pounds - 10% of my body weight. That would put me below 200 which would be MOST motivational, I think. I will tell you that I sure have some bad habits to change. Last night I mentioned that to Alif and he asked what I meant. I said, "well, I'm used to eating whatever I want whenever I want - (laughing) I guess that's why I'm in this position to begin with." :-O Wish me luck!!

I just had to include this because it cracked me up. This is so not typical Caris! LOL

NINE (as of yesterday) year old Graham in the pajamas I made him yesterday.


  1. You go, girl! I hope WW is all that you want. You're my hero for telling the blogosphere your goals. I'm too chicken...if I put it out there, then I have to stick to it. LOL

  2. Hi Emily... Your blog is great! I KNOW you can lose the weight you want. I just hit my goal weight this week and I am sooooo happy! It took me just under 6 months to do it. I feel really good. Check out my blog sometime.


  3. hey girl! what meeeting are you going to? i am thinking of joining again! cute pj's! and i love love the nerd glasses!

  4. WTg hun!!! I hope WW is the key for rock!!!

  5. Oh you will so do this! :) I have lost 25 now and man it feels GREAT!

  6. First of all, those PJs! So cute! I am so impressed, proud, and excited for you about weight watchers! Beyond the weight loss even, it seems like an overflow of where your heart is- surrender. Ohhhh all the blessings in store! Love you.

  7. good luck on the WW!! you're going to do great!!

    and that first picture of canaan is classic : )

  8. 224? you sure didnt look that...not sure if that helps or not lol