Sunday, December 07, 2008

WW Day 3

I'm on day 3 of Weight Watchers!! DAY THREE! Go ahead and laugh but this is a major accomplishment, sister. I really cannot wait to weigh in on Friday, and if I haven't lost at least 2 pounds I will be one unhappy camper. Last time I did WW I lost 7 pounds the first week. I would be shocked to have that sort of loss this time since I get an extra 10 points a day for nursing. I will have to see how it goes - if I'm not losing like I want to (2 lbs a week) then I'll have to cut out the extra nursing-mom points. Graham's birthday party was a challenge. We served chips, soda, cake, ice cream, cookies and candy. Yeah babuy. I had some of the candy and a piece of cake, which cost me a total of 15 points. Not that bad for a special occasion.

Speaking of Graham's Birthday party, here's the main man himself!

He had a nice little party! I wrote up a shhhedule a couple years ago that gives each child a big party and a little party on alternating years. With four kids, one starts to feel a little guilty inviting all the friends and family over every couple months for a party. I thought it would be good to change it up a bit so there are usually only 2 big parties a year. So this was his little party, and it was just lovely. He collects nutcrackers, so he chose a nutcracker theme. Sure made my decorating job SUPER easy!!

And to top it off, he seriously received all the gifts he'd asked for. He's wanted a lizard for years, so we got him a setup and he got a couple pet store gift cards. Alif & the big boys are out now procuring the creature. I'm sooo excited. :-X He got not one but two cool watches, not one but two awesome nutcrackers, a guitar, a book that looks right up his alley, fabric to sew with, money for a camera - he is really a happy little guy today. And nine - I'm still in disbelief.


  1. Waiting for pictures of the gecko!

  2. Yay for day 3- you have had some really big obstacles your first week but are still doing ut! Graham's party was absolutely PERFECT. Happy birthday to Heeeeuuuum!

  3. Happy Birthday Graham!

    You can send any leftover cake this way so it's not there tempting you!!! mmmmmm...caaake

  4. Yay, Emily! You are so brave to do this right BEFORE Christmas. (Brave, or crazy. Oops, did I type that out loud?) Woohoo! You go, girl!

    And I'm sorry we didn't get to celebrate at park day with Graham! I'm glad he had a nice birthday -- I love his Nutcracker theme! That is so cute!

  5. I can't wait to read all about your WW journey. So exciting, and it already sounds like you are doing great!! We'll all be here to encourage and cheer you on as much as we can!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Graham :)

    And WTG Emily on day 3! You can do it sweets!

  7. Emily, I agree, so brave to begin this right before the holidays, but then again, by the time that new years comes along, you will be ready for the clean slate. I wish you all the best and will think of ways that I can support you. I can really say now that I have been on South Beach since March that I have kicked my sugar (and therefore food) addiction- and it is the best feeling ever! You can do it- every day is a new day and if you just keep plugging away at it, you really really can do it!

  8. Anonymous9:29 PM

    we had fun at the party!