Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo overload

Sorry about the random mishmash of photos but anyway, here goes. Pardon the toys everywhere but isn't it funny how Canaan hid himself under a blanket so the tiger flashlight would have more impact? Thank you for the cute flashlight Grandma B!

Sweet spaced-out siblings

Yet another hairdo for Miss Caris - make a ponytail. Make a part in the hair on the crown side of the rubber band, and shove the ponytail up through the part. Yank both sides so the rubber band is nice and tight and the ponytail makes a fountain through the top. Is that clear as mud? Curl everything up and bobby-pin some pieces up high for flair.

Today was our annual not-back-to-school trip to the museum, and I daresay it was the best yet! We had such a good time and up until the end it was nice and cool.

Here are my bunch outside by the clock tower . . .
Canaan, who will enjoy Before Five in a Row this year - soo cute!!
Caris, my first-grader!
Graham's in fourth grade this year!
And though I can hardly force myself to believe it, Malachi's in sixth grade this year.

Here's the whole gang out at the museum. Aren't they a good-looking bunch? I think you should especially note Anna's adorableness in slinging baby Olivia. What a mother she will make someday!

And I don't know who these crazy ladies are but I think I heard one of them say that they homeschool their children. Mercy!
Here are our workboxes, loaded and ready for a half-day's work today. I'll post on Wednesday to let you know how it went!


  1. Good looking bunch of kids! Looks like you are all set for school. I hope you have a great week.

  2. Woah- really GREAT photos! Canaan with that flashlight LOL, and Caris' hair! And I love the shots you got of each one in front of the brick wall. And your workboxes look awesome too. Happy first week of school! Can't wait to see you in a few days!

  3. Museums are so much fun! Lion calls the museum here "the zoo with the dinosaurs". Boy did it take us ages to figure that one out!

  4. Anonymous1:03 PM

    ok, do you really not know the three ladies are or where you just joking and they were there w/ you?

  5. LOL Iris, I was just kidding. That's me on the left, then my friends Theresa and Naomi, and Lynette on the end. :-)

  6. I so missed getting to go with you guys that day! I haven't seen Theresa in forever. I had a last minute request to babysit, but it looks like you had a blast!