Sunday, August 02, 2009

Time marches on

More time passes between blogs than I intend. I think of things to write about, but when I sit down I get lost in weighty endeavors like Restaurant City, my February message board, Farm Town, Google Reader, e-mail, IMs . . . and then it's time for the kids to get up and I have forgotten to blog.

Plus, nothing terribly exciting has been going on so you'll have to excuse my ramblings.

We went to a birthday party last night for our friend Emma, who turned 5. We had such a nice time! They have one of those blue above-ground pools and my kids thought it was sure fun. Canaan asked to get in so I had Malachi take care of him in there. He could just barely stand - the water was right up to his neck. After a while Malachi wanted to get out and chase and wrestle with other boys at the party, so I nervously stayed right at the edge of the pool while Canaan walked all around that pool. First it was just around the edges, but soon he was walking all over everywhere. I couldn't imagine how he was able to stay upright at all, but he did. A couple times he got water splashed into his mouth and one time he tried to throw a noodle at me, which sent him under water. He made swimming motions with that drowny face and I snatched him out of the pool. Fifteen seconds later he was back in. The next time he choked on water I put my foot down and told him that was enough swimming for the night. Dry drowning makes me fearful.

I told Alif I was going to have Canaan sleep with us because I was such a nervous nellie about the whole dry drowning thing. Well, he seemed so okay by the time I put him to be that - well, I put him to bed. I checked on him when I went to bed at 11:30 and he was fine. Guess what I had a dream about, though? I dreamed that we were crossing a very long bridge, like the one on Horton Hears a Who, if you've seen that, and there was a little section that was missing the wooden boards. Canaan laid down next to it so he could peer down at the grass below, and right as I started to say, "Canaan, scoot back!" he slipped through. I watched in horror as he fell, laid-out, all the way down to the grass and laid there motionless. We rushed to the end of the bridge and down to him as quickly as we could and somehow got him to the hospital, where it became clear that he would be ok. Ack, the horror!

In more positive news, I watched the show Ruby thanks to Netflix. I cried happy tears through the whole show! The basic story is that a 500-pound woman decides it's time to live a normal life so she goes on a major weight-loss journey. It's incrediby inspirational. I think almost more than the actual weight loss, which is great, I really loved watching her friends love her, seeing what a magnetic personality she has - she is truly a positive thinker - and just seeing what life would be like as someone that big. Amazing viewing - highly recommended.

Are you tired of my movie reviews yet? I don't normally watch many of them! The kids and I went to the dollar theater and saw Night at the Museum 2 this week. It was - eh. Boring for me, but the kids liked it, and it did have a few cute historical references. Lynette and I went to see The Proposal and oh - my - gosh. You HAVE to see it. You have to ignore the cussing and the nudity and just laugh. We laughed so hard I seriously thought we might get kicked out. I am not kidding. Of course, I was having a horrible, awful, everything's-going-wrong kind of day that day, and I maaaaay have been just a wee bit giddy about being out of my house with my bff.

What are YOU up to?


  1. I really need to sign up for netflix...and I could hear you and lynette laughing when you wrote about it. I think I need a friend date night too!

  2. Ok, gotta look for Ruby next time I'm getting a movie! And I want to see The Proposal!!

  3. The night after Dragon almost drowned was just horrible. I had the same 30 seconds of dream over and over and over... it was where I saw he was under and I was running towards him and the first time I grabbed for him he was just out of reach then the dream/memory would stop... and then start all over again. In real life I had just jumped in the water and yoinked him to safety at that point (and was promptly thrown up on) but in my dream I never got to the bit where he was safe. I was already freaking out that he was going to have trouble through the night so I was getting up each time I woke up to check on him. I didn't sleep much that night.

    Big hug... mummies aren't supposed to deal with that sort of thing... it's a good thing God is with us or we'd just fall apart I'm sure!

  4. Your movie reviews are better than Siskel & Ebert's used to be! Who needs thumbs up, when we can use our thumbs to click on the keyboard and get to your great blog?!

    Having been through an almost drowning of Timmy, my youngest, it is no wonder, that like you, I still have dreams about him that are horrifying. It's not an experience moms like to go through, and that's for sure!