Tuesday, February 23, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks: Ever After

Karen Kingsbury. I just can't decide how I feel about her writing. Her stories are sweet. They're clean and Godly and the message is always trustworthy. But oh, they're predictable, and I mean, I could have written them myself, you know? There's just never anything in them that makes me say, "Wow!"

Ever After was the same. It's a nice follow-up to Even Now, the first book in the Lost Love series. I was interested in the characters' lives and I thought the story took a few nice turns. If a book #3 came out I'd read it.

I just can't jump up and down over it.


  1. I honestly don't think I've ever read a Christian fiction book that wasn't predictable. Kingsbury's writing is better than some, though I prefer her historical fiction to her modern fiction.

  2. I know what you mean. The Baxter serieses (Redemption, then Firstborn, then Sunrise)really drew me in. I enjoyed them, but I've lost my taste for KK's books for that same reason--they're predictable. Kinda like a sitcom, the icky plot is always tied up in a pretty bow by the end of the book.

  3. Read the Baxter Family Series...that's the best!