Friday, February 26, 2010

Picture Time

Sorry to start you off with this scary self-portrait, but do you like my new haircut? It's the shortest I've been in a long while and I'm loving it! I'm really never absolutely happy with my hair but this cut and I are getting along pretty well. We were heading out of town this day and my kids wondered aloud why I was taking so many pictures of myself. Talk about feeling vain!
Little Missy all done up for Valentine's Day, and looking just as cute as she can be!
A couple days later we went ice skating with some homeschooling friends. It was a surprise for the kids and though that caused some angst for Graham, they were all really excited when they saw where we were and what we were doing there. The big boys took off and had a ball ice skating. Caris tried it out a bit and then played in the warm party room, and Canaan didn't like his skates much at all. Ahem - until I realized I'd gotten him a size that was too tight for his feet. Once I went up a size he had great fun running around in them, but didn't skate much.

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