Monday, July 19, 2010

Bible in 90 Days

You're Invited!

Who: Anyone!  Whether you've read through the Bible many times before or have never opened one in your life.

What:  Read through the Bible, word by word, in its entirety, in 90 days.

When:  I thought it would be a challenge to fit in the reading, but I have found ways to work it in to my day.  Some days I read right when I wake up, especially if I'm awake before the rest of my clan.  Right now I read during my kids' swim lessons, and despite the interruptions I do get quite a bit read during that time.  I read during my kids' quiet time, here and there during the afternoon, and if I haven't finished before bedtime I'll read in bed.

Where:  I think taking my Bible with me and reading it when I'm out and about could be a great springboard for discussion.  Plus, it makes me conscious of how I am carrying myself.  Am I smiling at people?  Talking gently to my children?  Being polite to others?  Good things to be thinking about always but with a Bible in my hand, I feel extra compelled to be a loving person.

How:  Start here.  This site has great information, support and encouragement (not to mention personal mentors!).

This is the first time I'm posting a check-in post.  I started four days late and I have to tell you, catching up was a bear.  I really wanted to be at the same place as the others on the blog I posted above, so I did want to catch up.  Now that I'm caught up, the daily reading is really manageable.  I certainly have to be intentional about it, but I don't feel overwhelmed by it.

So far the biggest theme for me has been that we serve a mighty and powerful God.  A lot of what I'm reading right now - Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy - is repetitive, full of customs and laws and numbers and well, to be honest it's just plain hard to read some of it.  I have been keeping two things in mind as I read through this part of the Bible.  First, that I think it will be so cool when I am in Heaven and I can actually talk to the people I've been reading about.  Some names are only mentioned a few times, but I bet bet BET their stories are SO compelling!  Like what about the 5 sisters asking for land so their father's name didn't die out?  Can't wait to talk to THEM!  There's just only so much in the Bible about each person, each family, and it will be awesome to see it all fleshed out and know the full story.  Second, I was thinking about my kids' sports.  If I listened to someone tell the story of a game, it would be mostly boring with some exciting highlights.  But would I rather they just say, "We won 5 to 4."  Heck no, I want to know every detail!  It might take a while to hear it all, and I might get bored or aggravated during some parts of the story, but at the end of the day I'd rather know the details than just the bottom line.  It's kind of like that in these parts of the Bible.  I NEED to know the names, the genealogies, the numbers, the laws.  It all paints a picture of who God is, who we are as His people, and the path we traveled to meet our Savior.  It might be tedious to get through, but I want to know it anyway.

See you next Monday, Bible in 90 Days friends!


  1. I am doing the 90 days too and though I satarted on time I have fallen behind. I am glad I anm not doing this alone! YIPEE!!!!!

  2. I am totally agreeing with you on your points about the reading. It has been difficult to get through the repetition but then I think, God put it there for a reason.
    I am awed by His greatness!